Welcome to the August Technology Group. We are a trusted web solution provider and training resource. We specialize in open-source software solutions on the Java Virtual Machine.

The August Group offers boutique software development services in short-term and project-based engagements. We employ agile methods appropriate to your project, working inside of existing teams or as a lights-out, independent resource reporting to you. We are passionate about solving the technology problems of the medium-sized business or small enterprise with leading-edge, open-source solutions focused on delivering working software that will bring results to your bottom line.

The August Technology Group is pleased to partner with ThirstyHead.com to provide world-class training in Groovy, Grails, Liquibase, cloud computing, behavior-driven development with easyb, geospatial web development, and other cutting-edge topics Please visit us at ThirstyHead.com for course and scheduling details.

A coaching engagement with the August Technology Group is a short-term, intensive consulting relationship focused on transferring a specific skill or practice to your team. Coaching engagements can be one one-week intensives, or partial-week sessions spanning a month or two. Coaching is always available in any of the subject areas in which we offer training. If you don’t see your coaching need listed, please contact us to see if we’re right for each other