How to Deal with Office-Sharing Conflicts

How to Deal with Office-Sharing Conflicts

Sharing office space with other departments may become challenging, especially if your team is navigating through some difficult work situations. If sharing a working space with other departments makes it hard for your team to focus because of discomfort and additional noise pollution and significantly affects the team’s productivity, there are several techniques you can apply to minimize the stress and tension.

4 Ways to Solve Office-Sharing Conflicts

Creating a harmonious relationship with your teammates is challenging enough, what more if you have to deal with numerous people from different departments on a daily basis? If you want to create a conducive working environment where everyone will benefit, here are some techniques you can try:

1. Set some ground rules – It is important for you and your team to have an open discussion with your fellow workmates regarding difficulties you encounter in sharing an office so you can come up with ground rules that will benefit both your team and other departments.

2. Set staggered office breaks – If you are having difficulty in using office amenities such as the coffeemaker, it will be wise to set up staggered office breaks and take turns in using the office amenities so everyone can enjoy their breaks.

3. Invest in a private office – If your team is in a crucial period and in need of private space to finish all tasks, it will be best to look for a private office space for rent. One excellent example is the private office space for rent in Singapore, where there is ample space for setting up individual work desk for each employee, sizeable room with complete equipment for conducting group meetings, and extra space for office amenities such as lounge and dining or coffee table for those who want to unwind during their breaks or entertain clients.

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